The Viennese Naschmarkttasche® by KAYIKO

The classic in a puristic reinterpretation

Viennese Naschmarkt bag by KAYIKO

The Wiener Naschmarkttasche® is a shopper that has been used for shopping at Viennese markets since the 19th century. The robust shopping bag had just enough space for three Doppler (wine bottle with 2 liters content - for all non-Austrians).

KAYIKO has adopted the classic format for the puristic reinterpretation. The bag is available in leather in the three colors black, gray or red and made of completely untreated leather. Each leather bag is elaborately handcrafted in Austria. The cowhide for the bags comes from Germany and comes exclusively from the food chain.

The bag was actually designed for everyday shopping, but it also cuts an excellent figure as a handbag.

The black and white photo was taken around 1930 at Vienna's Naschmarkt (source: Austrian National Library).

KAYIKO Vienna Naschmarkt bag shopper leather natural KAYIKO Wiener Naschmarkt bag shopper leather red KAYIKO Wiener Naschmarkt bag shopper leather black KAYIKO Wiener Naschmarkt bag shopper leather grey

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