The “Wiener Naschmarkttasche®” by KAYIKO

The classic in a puristic reinterpretation

Viennese Naschmarkt bag by KAYIKO

The “Wiener Naschmarkttasche®” is a shopper that has been used for shopping in the Viennese markets since the 19th century. The robust shopping bag had exactly enough space for three Doppler (wine bottle with a capacity of 2 liters - for all non-Austrians).

KAYIKO has adopted the classic format for the purist reinterpretation. The bag is available in leather in three colors: black, gray or red. Each leather bag is elaborately handcrafted in a small factory in Germany. The cow leather for the bags comes from Europe.

As a handbag with a clasp, the “Wiener Naschmarkttasche®” cuts an excellent figure.

The black and white photo was taken around 1930 at Vienna's Naschmarkt (source: Austrian National Library).

KAYIKO Wiener Naschmarkttasche®

You can order the “Wiener Naschmarkttasche®” online here.